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5pc Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

5pc Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

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The 5pc Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set provides a soothing sound experience that promotes relaxation and focus. This set includes 5 bowls of varying sizes and decorative Tibetan characters on the inside and outside for a unique look. Enjoy peace and serenity with each use and explore a range of sounds.

The sound of singing bowls can have a healing result on an individual, and can be used therapeutically. This is an introduction to singing bowls connected to the major chakras based on the Buddhist Tantric System. Chakras can be referred to as 'power engines', or 'energy centers' of the body. There are lots of different chakras and practices pertaining to them. Each chakra has distinct components and corresponds with a certain tone of the musical scale and an unique shade. The notes of the bowls correspond with each of the significant chakras. Keeping these facilities in harmony causes wellness and harmony. The lower chakras, situated lower than the diaphragm are connected to the physical or survival world.

Comes with free wooden Mallet striker, and Silk cushion.


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