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Reiki Healing Session

Reiki Healing Session

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Enjoy a 45-minute Reiki healing session in the comfort of you home! Our practitioner will come to you! During this session our practitioner will open, balance, and align your chakras.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes one's innate ability to heal by the "laying on of hands".

Reiki is based on the idea that each person has life force energy.

The word 'Reiki' is made of two Japanese words - 'Rei' which means "God's Wisdom or Higher Power" and 'ki' which is "life force energy". Reiki, then, means "spiritually-guided life force energy".

Many who have received Reiki say that a treatment feels like 'a wonderful glowing radiance' or 'warmth that flows through and around' them.

Reiki treats the whole person- body, emotions, mind, and spirit, eliciting positive effects including relaxation, feelings of peace, security and well-being.

Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of healing and relaxation that every individual can benefit from. Reiki can be integrated with other standard medical or therapeutic practices to relieve side effects, and promote recovery and relaxation.

Clients are fully clothed during a Reiki session. * Each session is performed without physical touch, in which the practitioner's hands gently pass approximately 3 to 4 inches above the physical body to assess and treat the individual's energy fields.

*Disclaimer: A Reiki session is given for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation. The reiki session is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they proscribe or perform medical treatment nor prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that a person sees a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment they have.

*Must Live within 15-mile radius of 07047* If you are not in this range please select "Distance Reiki" option.

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