The Spiritual Detox Shop (SDS) is a holistic healing and spiritual guidance company that focuses on helping individuals detox the mind, body, and spirit. We offer all natural holistic healing products and instruments to assist in detoxing, healing, and replenishing our clients from the inside out. We also offer sound healing, light body activation, reiki, and meditation sessions to aid individuals in their detox journey. Our efforts to cultivate experiences (events/retreats) globally has assisted in raising the vibration of the collective and the planet.

Chakra Tuned Singing Bowl Set

Each crystal singing bowl will be inspection strictly before dispatch. The sound is amazing, clear, strong and deep, and rich vibration resonate with the power to heal, when you play the crystal singing bowl, you are not just performing a sound therapy, but also a crystal healing that is extremely penetrating.

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Meditation 7 Chakra Stone Set

This Natural Crystal Healing Meditation 7 Chakra Stone Set features 7 distinct stones, each uniquely attuned to one of the seven energy centers. Its high-quality crystals can be used to channel meditative energy, activate healing, or cleanse and enhance existing chakra systems. An ideal tool for meditation and spiritual development.

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SDS Wind Chime

Move the chime gently holding it by its cord: the crystalline relaxing sound may leave you in quiet wonder. Suspended, it will play with the wind and carry you away in an unexpected melody. Appreciated by musicians, they are often used in musical compositions. Many sound therapists, yoga teachers and meditation guides around the world use them in their daily teachings.

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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl for

Healing Sound Meditation

Our crystal singing bowls are made of high-quality crystal with a purity higher than 99.99%. They are beautiful to look at and listen to. The sound is clear and last a long time. Each product is carefully selected to ensure accurate note and clear sound.

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